Build a new website, or fix the old one?

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Build a new website, or fix the old one?

Website Design

Man oh man, this is the question of the ages! For folks who have a website they’re happy with, they should definitely keep things current, code and plugins updated for security reasons, and have new blog post or other curated content to keep SEO/Google happy.  It turns out we can help with that – and if you want to know more, you can visit here.

However, if you know your website hasn’t been touched or updated in a couple of years (or longer!), then yeah it’s time to have this conversation. There’s a good chance marketing needs and website expectations by users have changed since your website was built. Something newer and more professional (in the eyes of the users) may be needed. Especially if your industry has changed in how it’s portrayed on the web, or what web functionality is included.

If you think you might need something totally from scratch, we know that can be a bit of work. We want to work with you to bring that new web presence to life.  Reach out to us and let’s have a quick phone call to talk about what might serve you better!