February 15, 2020

Emails from Amazoon

Yes, you saw that correctly!  Many spammers and malware issuers are purposely misspelling the domains that their emails come from.  This allows them to look KIND OF like a big name company such as UPS or Amazon, but obviously they’re not!  Unsuspecting users will just glance at the domain, and ignore the misspellings, assuming that the email MUST be from that big company, right?? Unfortunately, this is how viruses and spam processes are set in motion.  The general rule of thumb is that if something seems misspelled or strange in any way, it’s safer to delete that email immediately! It’s […]
October 1, 2019

How long does it take for your pages to load?

It’s a long standing rule that Google really likes websites whose pages load in two seconds or less.  2 seconds!  If a website’s pages take longer than that, not only does it impact customer confidence, but it can hurt SEO relevance as well. Reach out to us if your company or organization has a really slow site. We can host WordPress or even old-school HTML/PHP sites on our super-speedy platform and serve up your content lickety-split.  Ask how!
September 7, 2019

Holiday online selling – it’s around the corner!

We’re into October, and the holiday online selling season is already starting to ramp up! I know a LOT of small business people and practicioners (massage therapists, acupuncture, etc) who love to offer gift certficiates through their websites.  Unfortunately, they know their business well, but know nothing about how to alter their website to offer this one item. Maybe they don’t have a merchant account? Maybe they want hardcopy gift cards that can be used on their website?  There are a LOT of options.. and we want to help them make it happen. Know of a small business person who […]
September 7, 2019

WordPress updated it’s platform… again. [sigh]

WordPress has been pushing out platform updates (versions) left and right lately, and usually that means some kind of security update or patch has been applied. WordPress provides 30% of the websites out in the world today, and it’s a HUGE target for overseas attackers.  Every time a vulnerability is found, WordPress (as an organization) has to update the platform to plug the hole. Same thing goes for the plugins that people install on their WordPress sites!  Those need updating with regularity too so the site is protected against any new windows the hackers find. Consider the very affordable WordPress […]