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How much control do you have over your web host?

Every website in the world needs a place to live. Hosting a site requires special servers, and people to maintain them, back them up, and keep them healthy.  But you don't care about that..

What you DO care about, is what additional features come with having your website hosted by Lions Mane? We have both Windows and LINUX hosting environments owned by us, and ready at our fingertips. Every hosting client gets living space for their website, and email to go along with it.  Also included are the following fun and useful tools:



Webmail: If you're away from your home or office, and you need to be able to access your mail, you can use webmail at no additional charge. You can also create Autoresponders, and custom Filters to route mail, or reduce spam.


Statistics Reports: Curious about who has been visiting your site? How many hits do you get each month? Are your visitors coming from Search Engines? What keywords are they using? Is your marketing compaign working? We implement astonishing Google Analytics to help answer those questions!

Admin Tools: Want to manage your website server details yourself? Create and manage your own email accounts? Your web-based admin tools are available 24/7 anywhere you have web access!


Hosting Plans Available

$20/mo - Basic Hosting: Includes all the standard features including backups, support, and all apps.

$50/mo - Basic Bundle: Hosting combined with Basic Website Maintenance.

$99/mo - Enhanced Bundle: Hosting combined with Enhanced Maintenance

$120/mo - Extended Bundle: Hosting combined with Extended Maintenance.

$150/mo - Priority Bundle: Hosting combined with Priority Maintenance.