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Who updates your website on a regular basis?

We're sure there are many other things you'd rather be doing with your business day than messing with your website.

Keeping your site up to date however impacts potential customer confidence (are you really serious about your business?) as well as your Search Engine ranking!  Perhaps you have a WordPress website, and have NO idea the last time WP or it's plugins were updated? Do you even have a backup or security protections in place??

For one affordable monthly fee, you can simply submit your change requests either via our online form or via email and forget about it! Our staff will make the changes to your site following the existing layout and your requests. It doesn't matter whether we host your site, or had anything to do with its original creation.

No doubt about it.. your website needs to be current.  If you don't have the skills, desire or time to update it yourself, then let us take it off your hands.

Then go grab your kite...

Maintenance Plans Available

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$50/mo - Basic: Up to 3 page-change requests per month allowed for existing text and images only. Usually completed within 24 business hours.

$75/mo - Enhanced: Unlimited page-change requests per month for existing text and images only. Usually completed within 24 business hours.

$99/mo - Extended: Same as Enhanced, but creation of additional static pages included within reason. Usually completed within 24 business hours.

$125/mo - Priority: Extended plan support where Client change requests received during business hours are done as soon as the request is received and acknowledged.