Oops they did it again! PHP gets an upgrade!

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September 24, 2020
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Oops they did it again! PHP gets an upgrade!

PHP version 8

You may or may not have heard (or may not care!) that the PHP programming language recently had an upgrade… again.

Why should you care?? Well, the PHP language is used throughout the web, and the bulk of websites out there rely on the functions of that language to help your website do it’s job.  When someone upgrades the language, it can do some things more efficiently or safely, but if your website and related plugins  aren’t updated to match, you can have old code cause your site to fail. You may not even notice!

Our recommendation is always to test your contact form weekly to be sure it’s working as expected, and to chat with your website hosting company to see if making the upgrade (new version 8.0) makes sense in your case. SOME sites will not like the change!

If you host your website with Lions Mane, and are curious as to if your site will be OK or not, just reach out to us!