Should we update to WordPress 6?

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Should we update to WordPress 6?

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Hey folks, you may have heard that WordPress was about to push out version 6 of it’s platform. If you have a website built on WordPress, this might make you a little nervous since updates that move up to the next number are usually pretty big. Big updates can mean broken websites for a lot of people!

In this case, version 6 isn’t a major update in the usual way. Instead of BIG changes, version 6 is comprised of many small changes. A lot of these are really good, and inherent to site management.  If you maintain your own WordPress site, this could make some steps a lot easier. If you’re confused by the changes, there are helpful YouTube videos out there to show you what is going on.

If you’re not sure this would be good for your site or not, just keep your eye on it in the next few weeks, and try simple things like submitting your contact form to be sure it’s still working properly.  If you need some help figuring this all out, feel free to reach out to us and we can talk more about it!