Who updates your website content on a regular basis?

We're sure there are many other things you'd rather be doing with your business day than messing with your website. Keeping your site up to date and secure impacts potential customer confidence (are you really serious about your business?) as well as your Search Engine ranking! Every site needs to have several things: Security hardening to prevent Malware / Hacking Regular backups in case your site needs to be restored after a failure! Regular updates to content to keep the site fresh for Google! Analytics so you know how the site is being visited, and from where! No doubt about it.. your website needs to be current. If you don't have the skills, desire or time to update it yourself, then let us take it off your hands. Then go grab your kite...

Basic Maintenance


Up to 3 page-change requests per month allowed for existing text and images only. Basic monitoring for security and backup issues. Updates usually completed within 24 business hours.

Enhanced Maintenance


Unlimited page-change requests per month for existing text and images only. Usually completed within 24 business hours.

Extended Maintenance


Same as Enhanced, but creation of additional static pages included within reason. Usually completed within 24 business hours.

Priority Maintenance


Extended plan support where Client change requests received during business hours are done as soon as the request is received and acknowledged.