Why do I need an SSL Certificate? I’m not selling anything…

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Why do I need an SSL Certificate? I’m not selling anything…

SSL Certificates

It’s pretty much a given that since Google made it a priority that EVERY website out there be secured, having an SSL certificate on your website has become a requirement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling something online, using a contact form to gather contact information or even just using your website to share information.

Google will give more preference in it’s Search Engine Optimization if that website is secured behind an SSL certificate on the hosting server.

“How do I know if I have one?” – you may ask. The answer is simple. If you see a padlock at the top of your browser (next to the URL bar) when on your website, then your site is secured! Some browsers may give an error or a warning if it goes to a site that isn’t properly secured behind a current certificate. No certificate, no padlock!  You are certainly more legally liable for any private information (even a visitor’s IP address) if no padlock is present.

“How much will an SSL certificate cost me?” – may be your next question.  If you’re hosting with one of those huge hosting companies, you may have to pay anywhere between $30 – $75 a year for your SSL certificate.  However, any and all websites hosted with Lions Mane get a free SSL certificate included.  It’s the same strength and type as pretty much any SSL certificate used on standard sites – we just choose to include it as a feature, instead of making it a profit point!

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