June 29, 2021

We’re great with angry DIY folks!

We’ve had a lot of folks pick up the phone or send us an email after spending the requisite 30 hours pounding on the website they built with WordPress, WIX, Weebly or the infamous GoDaddy website builder platform. The usual response is “..and I hate it”. We understand, we hear this a lot. Thankfully, we can share a screen and give you an hour of time to talk about your website needs. We have questions about your goals, how do you use the website, what do you want it to do for you, and so much more. If you’re one […]
March 30, 2021

Got your own Design(er)? Great!

Every designer in the world has their own style, and their own way to create. They’ll have very strong feelings about how a thing should look or feel. That’s why we hire them! They can see things in different ways, and create beautiful and influential design concepts that are unique. A lot of our clients have their own brand style sheets and design elements and graphics that they feel need to be used as is, and not messed with by yet another designer!  I believe that we can take any and all existing design elements and integrate them into a […]
February 5, 2021

Slower.. and sloowwwwer…..

Every website starts to slow down with age. Sometimes the server where the website lives needs updating, or it’s overwhelmed with thousands of other websites.  Sometimes the code behind the site is outdated, and newer, faster methods exist now! If it takes your website more than two seconds to load, Google may be reducing your search score, and you may be losing relevance. Not to mention, losing users who just can’t wait 15 seconds or longer for your website to load.  If this is happening to you, please reach out to us and discuss options for how your site could […]
November 30, 2020

Oops they did it again! PHP gets an upgrade!

You may or may not have heard (or may not care!) that the PHP programming language recently had an upgrade… again. Why should you care?? Well, the PHP language is used throughout the web, and the bulk of websites out there rely on the functions of that language to help your website do it’s job.  When someone upgrades the language, it can do some things more efficiently or safely, but if your website and related plugins  aren’t updated to match, you can have old code cause your site to fail. You may not even notice! Our recommendation is always to […]