September 24, 2020
Doing the Covid Pivot

Doing the COVID Pivot?

We’re 7 months into feeling the effects of COVID on the business world, and along with the ultimate fatigue of one Zoom meeting after another, we’ve seen two other phenomena become quite prominent: 1) People are starting businesses after their employer terminated their jobs due to COVID cutbacks. 2) People who own businesses are having to pivot, and change how they do business! The COVID Pivot is surely the dance craze of the decade, and we’re here to help keep your feet moving in the right direction. Whether it means helping you make small changes to your website to better […]
August 6, 2020
PHP version 8

WordPress 5.5 automatic updates – are they a good thing?

Some more savvy website owners may have heard that WordPress will be pushing an update to their platform shortly (v5.5) that will allow the website owner to flip a switch, and have the website update it’s own platform and plugin versions – automatically. This would guarantee that the website is constantly up to date with the latest and most secure versions of it’s code. Sounds great, right?? Here’s the problem. There are many plugins that are not well written, and some of them call on programming functions that may be out of date, or less secure. This can instantly break […]
August 4, 2020
Email Hosting

Strange emails are telling me my billing information needs updating???

Scammers know that most of us are buying our household items online nowadays. Many of these transactions happen on Amazon or similar, and use Paypal to pay for them. Scammers also  know that the public can tend to freak out when we get emails claiming our information has been compromised, or that we need to update our billing information to keep it safe! First, it’s important to know that NONE of these actual businesses would send out an email saying any of that. This is a common scam tactic (fear) and any email you get (even if it says it’s […]
June 11, 2020
WordPress security

Security updates galore!

New WordPress version 5.4.2 update! Quick note for anyone running a website on the WordPress platform, the new release includes a bunch of security patches and fixes for some platform wide issues! Please consider backing up your existing site, and then run the update to be sure your site is properly secure. These issues are wide and varied, and can provide hackers and malware opportunities to inject javascript and redirects to very inappropriate places!  If you’re not sure whether your site is up to date for security or any number of other issues, reach out to us!