October 20, 2021

New Site: Moose Creek Bookkeeping

We’d like to announce the release of a new website for Moose Creek Bookkeeping!  They are a Seattle-based company with clients all over the USA. They have their own rural brand that needed a more professional layout, showcasing their various services for all kinds of small businesses. Check them out!
September 30, 2021

But.. I’m in Mississippi!

As it turns out, web design and maintenance firms like Lions Mane can have clients all over the world, let alone the US! We are based in Seattle (the greater Puget Sound area), but we have clients in California, Oregon, Dallas, Florida – even up in Calgary, AB!  The internet allows us to have clients anywhere there’s a need. So if you need some quality web designing or code work done, or just need someone to regularly check on your site and keep things tidy and updated, reach out to us and see how we can help!
August 16, 2021

Lightning fast… updated

We are super proud to announce that our lightning-fast, SSD-driven website hosting servers just got an upgrade!  This environment provides almost instant website delivery over fast networks, and to most mobile devices!  Dang. If your website kinda hurts when it comes to load times and speed, then Google may not be very happy with your site, and neither will your users or customers be. Feel free to reach out and have a quick conversation with us about what we may be able to do with your HTML or WordPress site hosting!
June 29, 2021

We’re great with angry DIY folks!

We’ve had a lot of folks pick up the phone or send us an email after spending the requisite 30 hours pounding on the website they built with WordPress, WIX, Weebly or the infamous GoDaddy website builder platform. The usual response is “..and I hate it”. We understand, we hear this a lot. Thankfully, we can share a screen and give you an hour of time to talk about your website needs. We have questions about your goals, how do you use the website, what do you want it to do for you, and so much more. If you’re one […]